German Demonstrator in Berlin

Heating, cooling, humidity and air quality control in buildings

Watergy GmbH and TU Berlin will focus on demand side technology oft the hybrid thermochemical network. 

A test building in Berlin will demonstrate functions like heating, cooling, humidity control and air quality improvement in buildings.


Greenhouse facade


Detail of the absorber

Interior of the demonstrator house

Main focus of demonstrator

The demonstration and research work will include the following areas:

  • heating, dehumidification and air cleaning with a liquid salt solution in direct contact with room air
  • salt solutions collecting heat and humidity from building exhaust air
  • transmission of humidity and heat from exhaust air and ambient air to the salt solution for heat pump operation
  • use of solar energy from humid air out of urban façade or roof greenhouses
  • internal air circulation mode with air dehumidification, collection of organic compounds and dust removal from air.
  • dehumidification of air using concentrated salt solutions in combination with heat pump driven supply of cool during summer
  • humidity control with salt solutions in combination with evaporative cooling of exhaust air with transfer of cool to the supply air

Expected results

All measures are aimed at increased air quality and energy efficiency in buildings, which have already been qualified for increased efficiency by insulation of walls and windows and by increased proofness of the envelope. In total, a further 30 % improvement of the energy efficiency shall be reached. A total further increase of 50% shall be reached by additional use of solar air collectors or urban greenhouses.