Swiss Demonstrators in Zurich

Thermal potential use and low-temperature drying

ZHAW will prove the use of thermal potential at high temperature for the regeneration in combination with an air control system at low temperature.

Biogas plant Marthalen: salt regeneration

The biogas plant in Marthalen produces approximately 300 kWe in a biogas engine. In the area there is no need of heat at high temperature. A small part of the residual heat is recovered for internal consumption, the rest is released to the ambient.

Marthalen is situated in an agriculture area, where there is no need of heat at high temperature. The residual heat can be used to regenerate the salt solution of a future thermochemical network (H-DisNet). 


ZHAW will demonstrate that not only the thermal energy can be used to regenerate the salt solution, but also the thermal potential in terms of a chemical potential. Simultaneously to the regeneration process, the heat present in the flue gas is shifted to a suitable temperature for domestic demand without a reduction of energy.

Green house Swissorchid: air control

The greenhouse Swissorchid is specialised in the cultivation of orchids. It is situated in Wangen nearby Zurich and occupies an area of approximately 16‘000 m2.

The enterprise is very environmental-oriented, utilised already renewable energy. The right combination of air humidity and temperature is a successful factor for the growth of the flowers.


ZHAW will test in Wangen air control systems based on the absorption process expecting a significant improvement in the energy consumption due to:

  • Reduction of the ventilation losses: ventilation is not required anymore to control the air humidity
  • No air undercooling to remove the excess humidity as in standard processes