UK Demonstrator in Newcastle

Integration with existing district energy network and with smart grid

An intelligent hybrid thermo-chemical network laboratory-scale demonstrator is under development in hardware at the Swan Centre at Newcastle University.


Coupling to thermal sources


This network will include virtual coupling to thermal sources such as

  • an established district heating system and gas network
  • waste or residual heat sources
  • a renewable energy combined heat and power system
  • installed solar thermal and solar photovoltaic panels
  • heat pumps and integrated energy storage technology

Many of these are existing assets and will be combined togheter through this project.


Coupling to users


The network will be used to simulate potential real-world application for hybrid network. The demonstrator will replicate the typical load profiles from:

  • residential high energy users such as supermarkets, gyms, swimming pools
  • process industry
  • return line from a conventional district heating network

In-combination as a network, the challenges of integration, supply and demand management will be considered and overcome, this will enabled through the adoption and development of smart-control algorithms and integrated storage.

Learn more about the demonstrator and activities in Newcastle in the video.