Webinar: Technology for next generation district heating networks

The H-DisNet technology has been presented in details during the Webinar hold on 18th November 2019, with focus in Humidity Control, Heating and Cooling, Smart Grid Applications and Market and Stakeholders. Here the video of the entire webinar.

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Virtual visit of the Swiss demonstrator and Swiss laboratory

Take a virtual visit through the Swiss demonstrator in the greenhouse in Wangen (CH) where the research group of ZHAW has installed 9 absorbers to control the air temperature and humidity. The video also shows the absorber prototype installed in the laboratory of the ZHAW.

Virtual visit of the UK Demonstrator

Take a virtual visit through the activities in Newcastle University.

H-DisNet at the ZHAW

The current needs of industry and society determine the research priorities of the main universities.  The School of Engineering of ZHAW carrys out practice-oriented research for the most part in the fields Mobility, Informations, Healt and Energy. An example of research in the Energy sector is H-DisNet. This is section of the larger video presenting the other projects at ZHAW:

Air distribution system

ZHAW is developing a new air distribution system for the greenhouses. The air is fed directly below the crop and so it is not necessary to treat the air of the entire green house. The advantage is energy saving and the possibility to create different climate zones inside the same room.

Thermal management demonstrator

The University of Newcastle developed and is testing for the H-DisNet EU-project ( a container-based thermal management demonstrator. At the heart of the portable container lies a thermally driven desiccant system capable of providing heating, cooling and humidity control. PCs at the far end of the container provide interface with management and control system. Calcium Chloride has been used as the working fluid for the first tests.

Flexynets Webinar

"Cold water district heating and cooling systems as flexible exergy exchange systems - apromise concept for the future", Webinar 10th May 2017


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