Innovation workshop

Nov 26, 2018

The Innovation Workshop "Hybrid Thermo-Chemical Technology for Heating, Cooling and Humidity Control" took place on 16th of November in Berlin.

More than 20 participants attended the workshop organised at the Humdold University, in the Adlershof Science City.


Key note speaker Ingo Wagner, Euroheat & Power


Poster presentation of H-DisNet Case Studies

Philipp Geyer , KU-Leuven, coordinator of the project, gave an overview about the H-DisNet technology, presenting the first results of the simulation run in Modelica. 

The H-DisNet technology can be applied in different industrial sectors. Alessandro Giampieri  is studying at the Newcastle the use of thermo-chemicals for moisture control in the automotive industries. His preliminary economic analyse shown a payback period lower than 3 years and gave indication for the choice of the thermo-chemical fluid in relation to the required air humidity and temperature. He indicated the CaCl2 and HCO2K as the most promising fluids for low-temperature applications.

Policy makers, thermal networks operators as well as technical experts were represented at the workshop respectivevely by Ingo Wagner of Euroheat&Power, Fabio Fidanza of Varese Risorse S.p.A. and Dieter Preßl of Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research. They participated actively to the workshop with presentation analysing the H-Disnet technology under different perspectives.


Visit to the German Demonstrator


Stakeholder roundtable

In the second part of the workshops, the participants had the opportunity to visit the German Demonstrator.

Videos offers a virtual tour through the Swiss Demonstrator and UK Demonstrator.

A roundtable with the stakeholder concluded the workshops.