Paving the way to the market

Oct 1, 2019

Representatives from industry and the public sector provided new insights into the challenges and opportunities of the H-DisNet technology on its way to the market.

Members of the H-DisNet consortium (accelopment AG, ZHAW, Watergy GmbH) conducted web interviews with five representatives from relevant industries over the course of the summer. Their main objective was the identification of challenges and opportunities related to the exploitation of the project’s two most promising applications, industrial drying and humidity control in buildings. These applications were selected due to their positive financial and ecological prospects. More specifically, the H-DisNet technology has the potential to reduce fuel consumption for drying by 85 percent. In addition, it could serve as an affordable, energy-efficient solution for humidity control in buildings. 

The interviewees had been selected from important industrial fields related to the key applications, in particular, the paper industry and district heating networks. The perspective within the respective fields was further complemented by the inclusion of participants from different levels along the value chain, namely planning, mediation and operation.

The questions of the interviews focused on the in-depth discussion of particular aspects such as the industrial environment and its stakeholders, the current usage of energy-saving technologies, investment cycles and criteria as well as the implementation of the H-DisNet technology.

In conclusion, the interviewees showed a strong interest in both areas of applications. However, industrial participants characterised the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) as a key barrier for market exploitation. They recommended conducting further pilot projects, such as a network in Berlin Tegel, to generate additional data on the technology. Participants from the buildings sector highlighted the increasing demand for energy-efficient humidity control in private as well as public buildings. It was recommended to focus on niche markets, such as clean rooms. In a second step, a small, affordable solution for the mass market could be developed.

The in-depth results of the discussions will be used to update the consortium`s exploitation strategy and be integrated in the upcoming Technical and Economic Report.

More contacts with industry and potential end-users or partners for future demo or pilot projects are currently being followed up. If you are interested in the intelligent hybrid thermo-chemical H-DisNet technology, please contact us.