The ambition of the new technology compared to the existing absorption technology is to develop an innovative open district network system for space heating and cooling that uses a thermo-chemical carrier to transport energy potential through its pipe system. This requires the absorption and desorption processes taking place at normal pressure. Additionally, the use of substances which involving risks for humans and for the environment will be avoided.


The technology providing heating and cooling energy for buildings by using absorption as a basic principle already exists. It is usually applied in heat-driven absorption heat pumps and chillers that are available in small to large sizes and are either used locally or connected to district heating and cooling networks. This technology is based on closed systems, which means absorption and desorption processes operate under pressure within a closed device.

The innovation of H-DisNet is the examination of an open absorption technology in that absorption and desorption do not take place at the same location.  It works as an absorption heat pump with the splitting of the absorption side from the desorption sides. This allows to exploit heat sources far away from the location of service as well as time shifts between heat usage and service.

The H-DisNet works as an absorption heat pump with splitting of absorbtion side from the desorption side